What Brand of Tires Should I Buy?

We are a Subaru dealer near Newburgh and Chester NY, and we have a great selection for your Subaru. Unlike in the past when we only had one or two tire brands from which to choose, today we have many brands. The good news is that we carry many brands of tires at our Subaru dealership close to Newburgh NY and will help you match the tire to your vehicle. We often have excellent sales on our tires. Subaru typically offers an excellent warranty on their tires.

When Should My Tires Be Replaced?

Knowing when to replace your tires is almost as confusing and knowing what type or brand of tire to buy. When you do buy new tires, they should be balanced. To get the most life out of your tires, you should have them balanced every 5,000 to 6,000 miles. Some signs that your tires may need replacing include:

  • Tires are wearing unevenly
  • Tires need air added frequently
  • Tires have cracks or bulges
  • Tires have little tread left
  • Vehicle vibrates when you're driving