See Who We're Racing With!

Johnstons Subaru has a true passion for motorsports! We love cars, what can we say! We love to own them, sell them and race them. That's why we team up with different motorsports and racing organizations. It's all about having a good time! 

Matt Gottlieb and co-driver Jared Lantzy are drivers for Gotti Racing, driving in #27, a Subaur WRX Impreza, with Rally America. 

Matt is the Director of Experience at Monticello Motor Club, a private auto club located near Johnstons Subaru.  



The Monticello Motor Club is North America's Premier Automotive Resort Private racetrack just 90 minutes from New York City. It features a 4.1 mile twisty racetrack for their private members along with services and amenities that include private instruction, track-side support, premium car storage, rentals, private race schools and karting. 

Johnstons teams up with The Monticello Motor Club in many different avenues. We provide track vehicles that are used for maintenance and track purposes. Our car is used as the Official Pace Truck! 


What is The 24 Hours of Lemons? It's a nationwide series of endurance races with cars that cost $500 or less. It's a nationwide series of endurance races with cars that were purchased, fixed up and tracked prepped for a total of less than $500. Races usually occur on weekends, with Friday a tech day and two days of racing on Saturday and Sunday! 

There is plenty of noise, prizes, water fights, and questionably civilized fun before, during and after. Money raised from the races helps raise money for Speedway Children's Charities.  

In October 2014, Gotti Racing particpated in the 24 Hour of Lemons race at The New Hampshire Speed Way for the Halloween Hooptiefest! It was a great time and their team ended in 7th place!  
Subaru Rally Team USA

Subaru Motorsports, through its technical partner, Vermont SportsCar, runs in both the Global RallyCross Championship and the Rally American Championship.  The Subaru WRX STI is used as the platform for both disciplines, although car preparation varies significantly.

The Rally America North Championship is the premier-stage rally series in North America. Rally racing features real cars racing against the clock on closed-off sections of real roads that are using that are usually through rain or snow, day or night. This extreme test of skill, speed and endurance is what makes rally racing the world's premiere and most exciting motor sport - and one that is quickly growing in North America.  

Owner, Steve Jardine, hanging with Travis Pastrana during the Subaru Conference in Seattle.